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Sochi Krasnaya Polyana Day Tour
Located in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains, Krasnaya Polyana Olympic Cluster is a world-class ski resort, largely unknown and underrated outside of Russia!

Activity Details
8 hours
Instant confirmationTour type:  Private guided tour: English, German, French, SpanishAvailable: Daily
Ask a question about this tour
Tour Highlights
Krasnaya PolyanaRosa Khutor alpine ski resortMzymta riverGorki Gorod resortSochi Olympic park, including the Fisht Olympic Stadium (from outside)   Olympic village
Tour Details
Cannot imagine your winter holidays without skiing or snowboarding? Have tried all the cliffs of Norway, Alps, Dolomites and other popular destinations?

Time to explore something new - and something that didn’t existed a few years ago!

This winter you have a unique chance to spend 2017 New Year holidays in Sochi having ski fun, the best New Year’s parties and fantastic sea views while strolling along the famous promenade alongside river Mzymta.
https://pradiz.com/tours/sochi/krasnaya-polyana-day-tour - Sochi Krasnaya Polyana Day Tour

<a href=https://pradiz.com/tours/sochi/krasnaya-polyana-day-tour>Sochi Krasnaya Polyana Day Tour</a>
https://pradiz.com/special-offers/grand-kremlin-palace-visit-options - Pradiz tour operatorGrand Kremlin Palace Visit OptionsGrand Kremlin Palace Visit Options
Сообщений: 16
Grand Kremlin Palace Group Tour
Pradiz Tour Operator
The only group Grand Kremlin Palace tour available for booking on the web -

Travel through the time and epochs of the Russian regal splendor!

The Residence of the President of Russia is a place where foreign delegations are greeted and official state ceremonies are being held.
Its richly decorated halls have long history – and we offer you a unique chance to explore it with our guide! Enter the world of the Russian
splendor and power at this exclusive Great Kremlin Palace tour.

There are usually about 3-4 group tours a month.
A new date for a tour may become available at any time.
If a date is marked green in the calendar you may proceed with booking online.
If you’re interested in a tour date that is more than 30 days from now and would like to be notified about a tour, please use an "Ask a question about
this tour" feature below, include the date you want & number of people in party. Please also provide all other possible dates for a tour.
Even an announced / confirmed tour date may change due to an official event hosted inside the Palace. For more information please read  here.
Private tours can be arranged for virtually any date, except Thursday, read more at Private Grand Kremlin Palace tour.
We’re forming groups for the following dates, please don’t hesitate with booking as tickets will be gone quickly:

22 March 2019 - fully booked

29 March 2019 - please hurry up with booking online, tickets will be gone quickly

07 April 2019 - please book online

21 April 2019 - please book online

For any planned date please use a webchat and send us all possible dates for a tour & number in party, or email this info at info@pradiz.com

https://pradiz.com/tours/moscow/kremlin-palace-tour - Pradiz Tour Operator
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Moscow Tours
Excursions and Walking Day Tours
Pradiz Tour
Russian capital for many centuries, Moscow has been her beating heart down the ages. It is in many respects the city of extremes where winter means warmth, modern meets the traditional, where ballet holds conversations with street art. Today it is the cultural, political, and business seat of modern Russia.

First mentioned about a millennium ago, Moscow wears its ancient origins with pride and humility.
The magic the city is known for has to be at least in part attributed to its colossal history. The centuries of art, architecture,
science, war, upheaval all combined to make Moscow the buzzing 12 million people metropolis that it is today.

Pradiz Tour
<a href=https://pradiz.com/tours/moscow>Pradiz Tour</a>
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